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9:41 a.m. - Oct. 20, 2002
Dumb Steve

Good morning! Well I hafta say that last night was alot better than the last few nights I have had. I went to watch the Angels game at Fred's with KK and Smear. FUN hottie bazaar!!! We met the DUMBEST guy I have ever talked to in my life. We all three were lafing so hard it hurt. And he was totally blind to the fact that we were lafing at him.

So hats off to you Dumb Steve wherever you are.....

Then we were off to Pierce Street. Smear didnt wanna go cuz she was tired. No big, KK and I headed on over. They let the Hottie bus out in front of this place. WOW is all I can say. I danced my ass off as did KK and we lafed and lafed....THEN this total babe came over and was talking to me...we will call him "Todd". Made out like crazy. I really wanted him to come home with me but that wouldnt be too cool since I went with KK. I gave him my number and then I left before he did. I told him to come over, but, I passed out before he called. So hopefully he will get up and come over here today...that way we can break all the laws and a few no one knows about. I have not been kissed like that is such a long time. I finally felt pretty again. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Gawd he was HOT HOT HOT.

Now for the story of the stench...I hafta write this down becuz it is a riot. I came in last night and the house smelled like cat was aweful. I dont have a cat so this was a mystery. But this dumb cat has been hanging around out back and everytime we leave the back door open she tries to come in. So I figured she came in and PISSED all over my house. So I used airfreshener and thought it might make the stench go away...BUT NOOOOOO...I get up this mornig and nothing but cat piss stench all in the den and the kitchen. So I febreezed the house....went in the piss...I sniffed everything...thought it was the couch,...nope...thouht it was the carpet (you shoulda seen me sniffing that)...nope...the sink? naw...the dishwasher?trash? fridge? no no no...then I, for a reason only known to GOD, sniffed the CD player in the kitchen..and sitting on top of it was a persimmon....BINGO!!!!

Let me just tell you for the record...a ripe persimmon smells like cat piss...KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!I felt like a pitcher for the A's throwing that stinking persimmon as far as I could. (which isnt all that far considering that I dont do jack shit for execise)

Okay so today I am going with Smear to Freds again....for a few reasons...First ...Angels game which brings me to reason 2 HOTTIES!!! and we are gonna go look for halloween costumes. Hopefully "Todd" will call, Ill get lucky, the Angels will win and my life will move forward on a new note.




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