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4:00 p.m. - Oct. 21, 2002
Movin D
*deep breath*

Okay I have GOT to stop freaking out. R is supposed to come over and spend the night...I HOPE. We have such a hard time making things work out. It sux. We both need company...we both need a physical thing so this works out well when it works out.

I think sometimes I am losing my sanity. I wish there was a pill....hmmmm. INVENTION??? Anyways...let ya all know if my rendevous works out tonight.

You know D moved today. Her new place is rad. I went over to help her unpack. That filled up alot of my day and helped ALOT. She and I and Brenni are all about in the same boat. It is nice to have friends with no man either. Makes pity parties and bitch sessions alot more fun. I do have alot going on this week. parties Saturday night. A mixer on thursday. Dinner with Smear on wednesday.maybe dancing friday. Looks like today and tomorrow are down days. Jimbo asked me to lunch on thursday too. So we shall see. Still waiting on mr Saturday night "Todd" to call. I think I am gonna trash him tho. Not good on the follow thru.

Well same ole same ole. Gonna go primp..laterz!



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