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6:41 a.m. - Oct. 22, 2002
Get yer shit
Cant sleep. Been up since 4. I thnk I need more meds my back is a wreck. AND I am out of coffee. That is the suckiest.

So one good thing..I am doing contract computer work for a company tomorrow. Kinda cool.

I think the week is looking up. Going to Smears tomorrow. Then to that mixer on thursday. I have a lunch date on guy...we will call him "Jim" and then to a party on Saturday night with D if I am broke OR to a Costume party with Smear on saturday if I am not. I wanna go dancing again friday night but we shall see. Then Sunday "Marc" is taking me out on the motorcycle. So at leaset I am keeping busy.

J came over and picked up his stuff from my house yesterday. It hurt bad but everyone says time heals all so DAMMIT hurry up!!!

Poor R..his mom fell in the shower and busted her head open. So he spent the evening at the hospital. I may see if he wants to hang out tonight. He may need a break after all that.

I am heading out to get some coffee before my caffiene headache takes me out.




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