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7:36 a.m. - Oct. 24, 2002
Excellent Meals or Twofers
A couple of days gone by....sorry I been flipping busy. So lets start with Tuesday. Have R come by at lunch for a visit. it was nice...its always nice when he is around. he is such a good friend. Hung out for a while then I had some cobbler. I havent had any in a while so it was really good. I hafta laf about the whole thing but it sure helped me out a bit.

KK's daughter got in a really bad wreck. I feel so bad for Kk...she puts up with alot of shit from that kid. So her and Brenni came over and hung out for a while. I like having my friends around. 2 Days have gone by with out crying....AMAZING.

Yesterday I had to do a contract job for Hole. I needed the cash and it was easy. I worked from 8:30-5. I dont miss work at all. LOL

Last night Smear had a bunch of girls over to watch the Bachelor. That show is a kick. We had dinner and a BLAST! I drank way too much champagne tho.

I am supposed to go to an interview in Buena Park today. I need to see how far it is before I drive all the way out there. I dont really wanna be a GSM. But i need a job bad.

Tonight I am going out with Smear to a singles mixer. Could be cool lets keep our fingers crossed that there are cuties there.

I tried apologizing to J last night but he was being a jerk. So I guess he doesnt want that. Whatever he can be a jerk all he wants I am so sick of it all.

More later gonna clean up..........



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