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9:27 a.m. - Oct. 30, 2002
Lazy days
Okay I am a Lazy ASS!!!

Actually I have been kinda busy with interviews and the sort...I dont like working but God knows I need to get off my ass..esp. before the money runs out.

Samhain is tomorrow....happy halloween everyone...Dont forget tonight hosts the witching hour so watch out for freaks and keep your animals safely inside. I dont know how things are in California but back in Texas there were freak-o's that would steal and kill pets. VERY BAD!!!

Tonight is the repeat party of the Bachelor at Smears house....Come on Gwen we are rooting for you and Aaron!!!

Tomorrow night is a big Martini Bash at D's and then Saturday it is off to San Bernardino to see toby Keith with Brenni. Road trips rule.

As far as the man watch goes....well my friend "Todd" came by to say hello and partake in some vino...Kinda cool havent seen him in a while. He was in Palm Springs at a sales dealy...

"R"s mom is much better...we are praying for fast recovery mom...all my love..

Well I am gonna go paint a bit then got to the you read that right....time to expand my brain...TV is killing me...





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