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7:51 a.m. - Nov. 1, 2002
Damn Lying Fatty

Well lets just say that Halloween is now more than ever my favorite holiday. I GOT A JOB YESTERDAY!! I start on monday. Due to the type of job it is and with whom I am not going to post where I will be working yet. If anyone wants to know then just drop me a line.

Talked to the dead last night....LOL COOLIO!

R called this morning to congratulate me on my new job and is bringing me a super cool suprise at lunch...YUMMY!!!!


Now as for the "Vicki Revolution"

Another stupid man..Check this out...This guy...we will call this one "Lee" met me and at first told me that he liked all the same things as me and was interested in getting to know me better...OKAY..I'll bite...

So I let this fool com over and he makes a bee line for my burds....AFTER I told him NOT to try and pick them up or touch them...he did....Bad move #1

THEN...he decided to tell me that he didnt eat meat ...Bad move #2....Doesnt like Beer...Bad move #3...and so on and so on...then the big kicker was that he knows NOTHING about cars....Hates NASCAR And thinks my new car is a BEATER!!! Okay....long story short....BYE BYE Dumbass...He was really short and from what I could tell he was a hairy back know he just had that look.

So tomorrow I am going to see Dave and Toby with Brenni...we are gonna get down like throw rugs....

Well I gotta start some laundry and remove sleep funk from this old bod...

Oh and By the way...My new Boss is gonna keep her eye out for a good man for me...YIPPEE!!



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