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8:59 a.m. - Nov. 2, 2002
Road Trip Prep

Okay I wasnt into the "scene" anywhere last night. Went home and crashed out. Then when I got up this morning I had a message on my cell from J saying he had gone up to Shooters to find us. Missed him...that could be a good thing or a bad thing...Hopefully we can work something out...soon.

I am off to San Bernardino and possibly Bakersfield to see Toby Keith with Brenni. This should be interesting. Dave will be there but so will his publicist and since I last saw him he has married Alice. Thats good and I am happy for him. Anyways..we were along time ago and honestly I dont wanna go down that path again.. Oddly enuf there is something about married men that just makes me sick. I guess I have some form of morality after all.

So 5000 errands to run and hair damage to repair...Bought ASH BLONDE!! hair is very gotta fix that and then get the Burds some chow. Its gonna be a LONG ASS DAY.

Well wont write til late tomorrow...but til then remember

"Its all about Me!" LOL thanks for the quote Toby!

Oh and if you guys see or talk to Brenni remember that this weekend is her 40th!




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