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6:37 a.m. - Nov. 14, 2002
Snap your fingers Snap your neck
I have been busy...get off my back....

Have you ever actually SEEN someone snap for no reason? Well maybe THEY thought they had a reason but they didn't really? I hate it when someone I care about or is a friend does the light switch maneuver and goes from nice to hateful to tepid in point zero two seconds.. Especially over something rediculous. Okay enuf of that I think I will let a sleeping dog lie. I just had to say something about it before it festered in me more. I will decide how to handle it later. I kinda have an idea but I wont know for sure til saturday morning.

Paco is starting to talk a bit. Its on and off but its kinda cool for my number one babykins.

On the subject of J....we are speaking civil to each other...Thats all I am gonna say 'bout that.

New job is good but damn I hafta work. it is wierd no being on "autopilot" I am actually Learning and that is cool. Got my first piece of REAL biz and I am gonna tour her and treat her to lunch on monday and hopefully close on the biz. WOOO HOO didnt think I could do it but maybe I can.

Okay gotta get ready for work....




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