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2:29 p.m. - Nov. 20, 2002
Devil Worship? HELL NO
OkAY OKAY...I have been busy...

Well you know I have been actually working and instead of ciesta all day like for the last month or so I have been gettin up and going to fuckin WORK...I so like the life of the slob better but my ass was beginning to spread and the bills hafta be paid...PLUS how long before the roomies start freaking out FOR REAL????

NEWS......I did this THING....a candle thing..OKAY OKAY NOT DEVIL WORSHIP...but a kinda spell thingy a jigger...for harmony in my relationships..I was so tired of fighting with J and stuff..then the wierdest thing happened...This guy pops up on my computer one night outta no where!!!!! HOLY hell he is gorgeous and sweet to boot....blah blah blah....we will call him "little One" cuz he is 10 years younger than me...the name has nothing to do with height or size. LOL....anyways I bought a web cam...we keep the cams up all night and watch eachother sleep...I feel like I have known him forever....DAMN HE IS FINE...well this weekend is the big test. he is coming down to spend the weekend with me and discuss possibily moving in after xmas if things go well. Seems fast and it may not work but if we gel who knows. He gives me awesome attention...J will hafta shit of get off the pot QUICK.....

Havent heard from R, Cobbler or "Todd"...interesting....but i really dont care...well that isnt entirely true i am worried about R. I guess he is outta town again. DAMMIT...

Bachelor tonight..cant something to do. Bummer since it is the last episode. I made D mad the other day and I didnt do it intentionally. I was in a funk and I hope she forgives me. Hadnt talked to KK in weeks but she came by last night and it was good to see her again. She and Brenni and a few others are coming up to the hotel to meet "little bit" this weekend...

Wouldnt it be funny if I was "Mrs. Weddle" by my bday? I wont hold my breath....just a funny thought.

My sista and I are getting together a web biznez but i cant open that can of worms til we have a DBA and patent...but stay tuned cuz YOU TOO can profit from our warped imaginations..

Well I am at work and shouldnt be doing this but i figgered what the i know what to do here yet anyway.




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