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7:26 p.m. - Dec. 1, 2002
Post Turkey
LONG weekend....I like not working. I am having current internal issues with the job at present. I think I may seek other employment...we shall see.

Speaking of issues....I got asked to leave Pierce Street friday night because I had on my fuckin hat....Then I find out today 20 minutes after I left J and his friends showed up there...Funny thing, that was 2 days ago and I havent heard from ANYONE I was with that night. One certain person used to call and chat with me I hear nothing from this person ever. And I woulda thought at least this person woulda called me and told me he was there. Even on saturday or today. It is strange because this person has changed recently. Gotten mean and a little hateful and quit calling and wanting to hang out. I dont get it. I hope I am just seeing thigs wrong. But oh well. You know what is funny? You find out who your friends are the wierdest ways.

I am tired..I think when I went to the store today it was swarming with psi-vamps and they killed me. I am gonna hit the sack.


PS Thanks Beezer for being there for me this weekend and Chili Pepper and Wig Wam for the Turkey invites. You guys are the greatest! It means alot.



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