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3:06 p.m. - Dec. 2, 2002
Too Young To Fall In Love.
What the FUUUUCK is up with guys??? I am gonna go postal I swear. First Little Bit has gone completely outer limits. The guy is a froot loop. He is all pissy with me cuz I got mad about my car getting fucked up. And I KNOW it was him beating on my door Friday night....denial is NOT a river in Egypt you IDIOT! And he thinks I have no reason to be pissy with him? is odd he comes down here friday like know, I think I already ranted about this...Thing is that I guess I need to realize that messin with someone 10 + years younger than me is NOT smart. Men mature slower then I must be a complete imbesile to think for one second that rule doesnt apply across the board. I didnt realize it really was that way til......

I get a IM from this cat in HB...we will call Him "Hott Pigg". 22 yrs old. OKAY guys guess what....we older women ...If we want kids we will have them and if we wanna babysit we will go to work for La Petit Academy. SHIT This guy could not get it thru his thick skull that I dont dig grabbing coffee at the grocery store at midnight. That hasta be where he wanted to go cuz I dont have a clue where there is a coffee shop opne at midnight. DENSE MOTHER FUCKER had the nerve to tell me I am not spontaneous for him. Like I wanna date SPERM...


I know I said that once but it is all about me being a pig...I am allowed you know...It is funny to say anyways.

So for all you SPERM that think you wanna date an older woman here are 10 pieces of food for thought.

1. We probably dont wanna smoke pot at your house (woulda been cool in high school but that was how long ago?)

2. We usually dont get down like throw rugs mid week.

3. Being responsible is cool.

4. Having a cell phone bill as your only bill and still living with mommy and daddy doesnt constitute grown-upism.

5. Is your Job full time or part time? Does it have to do with running a vaccum and answering phones?

6. Do you have a business card?

7. Is your car in your name and is the insurance in your name?

8. What is the square root of 163? (I dont know but it could be a good question to use)

9. Do you still say "Dude" on a regular basis?

10. We dont drop our plans to run off on a whim to "party".

and one last one...just for kicks...

11. These isnt any good coffee shops open at midnight in the South Coast Metro Area that a single Girl would feel safe at meeting a stranger.

I am so over the you guys as well as them old cogers too....Granpa's need to get a grip arm charm isnt all its cracked up to be...TRUST ME ON THIS...

So here you go friends and pals..I am upping my age limit to a 10 year gap... 28-38

and if I veer...please humor me and meet them...then SLAP THE DOG SHIT OUTTA ME.

Crap that took alot outta me.



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