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1:42 p.m. - Dec. 5, 2002
Okay am I a loony or what?

FIRST~ Suz talked me into going to LA on saturday and being an extra in Seabiscuit...starring Tobey Maguire & William H Macey...then I am such a sucker....

I am going to LA Sunday to audition at Fox Studios to be the Hostess of some reality Dating show. I think I have lost my marbles. HOWEVER...could be the first step to getting me outta this hotel crapola...

Nothing new on the Man front....same shit different day. I must have something seriously wrong with me. I kept telling myself that I dont have and addictive personality but now I am thinking when it comes to one certain person I am an addict thru and thru.


I have had a minimal amount of sleep this week. Due to "DRAMA" of the felony type..No not me but....I promised I wouldnt write about it in here so I am not ...But let me just say for the record...YOU KNOW WHO!!!!! I am proud of you for standing your ground on count # 1 (Hey mr copper guess what???)and you know what that is...and count # 2 (stay there and ROT!!!) Now please PROMISE me you wont give in and let terror reign .... Keep the door locked and protect yourself from evil....The madness needs to stop...make it happen NOW!!!!! You are the ONLY one who can. We are pulling for you because we love you!



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