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8:56 p.m. - Dec. 6, 2002
Another Friday Night at the Goat
Weh-Hell~ Friday night falls on me again....its cool tho cuz I hafta be In LA for shooting tomorrow at 715 AM...Kinda cool to be in a movie..and as sunday aproaches I am getting a little more excited.

Woke up this AM to a damn bad mornin...Sista got pissy with me cuz her computer at work is a POS...NOT my fault ..but its cool...we were both snappish due to the whole PMS thingy...Then J hurt my feelings BAD this morning. I wont go into why but let me tell you that I am going to work seriously in cutting him out of the life arena starting pronto.

Went to Haus and the Goat with D tonight for dinner and a few beers. Talked to Little Hottie J a long time...he is way cool. It would be awesome if other guys could take a lesson in being candid and cool from him. Everytime we all talk he is just more and more impressive. Too young to be with but definately a good friend for always...Baby if you catch this you ROCK!!!! And by the way..I think you could make a killing doint what we talked about tonight!!!

Ran into Wig Wam and Smear tonight...we sat at a different table. Since my day was shitty from the word go I didnt think it would be wise to try and start conversations...we did speak but casually....I hafta make up my mind about a few things in the next month....this should get interesting.

Well I am off to the sleep zone...will let you know about tomorrow ...tomorrow..Little Hottie J told me to bring Harley to the bar on sunday so if I dont go to LA I will take Hars to visit....he hasnt been out in a while...might be cool..I can tell you one thing tho..I think J is out on a date...I refuse to see him or answer his calls PERIOD!...I am so beaten down.

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