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11:21 a.m. - Dec. 14, 2002
My Internet email
The other day I woke up to a strange email from some guy I dont know In PA. He asked me if I would be interested in being pen pals...was very nice and said he wasnt a cyber-perv or stalker...Jut some guy that goes to school and works and keeps odd hours and was just looking for pen pals...Okay you know me...I'll bite.

Since that day we have been writing back and forth non stop. He has opened up to me and I have to him. I know I have said it before about other guys but WOW....He is kind, smart, funny, thoughtful, NOT CREEPY, likes beer ...I asked him what was wrong with him and other than that he is 1/2 way across the country and going into the army in Feb I cant find anything wrong...D tells me not to look a gift horse in the mouth so I am not.

Ever felt things happen for a reason...this dude came outta NO WHERE...wasnt a chat room, personal ad, or hook up thru a discussion forum.

So here is the deal....I am gonna take the brass ring on this nasty talk ....handle things differently...see what happens. I know the fact that he is far away is hard ...and seems rediculous...but let me just say this...When you aint got nothing what have you got to lose?

Maybe I am supposed to get one last chance at this...maybe he is what I am supposed to have been waiting for, the reason I havent found Mr. Right yet...maybe not...dont know if I dont try right?

Keep your fingers crossed.........



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