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12:41 p.m. - Dec. 15, 2002
I saw his face
I saw him...the guy from the email....

He is a dreamboat....This cant be real. it hasta be a bad joke on me..Nothing can be this good....esp to me. I am smiling all the time when I am talking to him.

I am just amazed that someone like him just came outta no where....whats up with that?

I was up til 3 am on the net with our cams on talking and staring at each other. Holy crap....I NEVER stay up that late and my back is a wreck. I waned to touch him so bad. Now i can understand me being sappy if I was wasted but I WAS SOBER.

So here is the gig....I am gonna stick with what I said earlier....I am gonna make this right and see what happens. I kinda like him...and I would like to see what develops. *sigh*

Fate has a funny way of dealing cards....or is this something I did?



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