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2:09 p.m. - June 9, 2003
I think I have snapped wait I am SURE of it...

First clue?? Pink HAIR????

Here's the deal....I am gonna stop wanting a boyfriend. I think it is just way too much drama. And it seems all the decent guys are (whats the saying du jour?) "emotionally unavailable" or "commitment phobic" GOD I AM SICK OF THAT CRAP. It seems so cliche now...every man I encounter is going thru it...maybe its a moon phase...who the fuck knows...

See Cobbler just left and he made me realize I am putting too much effort into trying to make things happen. The great thing about him is that he lets me be me...100% me...If I need to laugh, cry, whine, be silly...and he is right in my face honest with me...about everything.


I will miss you when you go....

I dont wanna burn out but maybe thats what I need to shake this. So I talked to Sassy and she seems to think that we need to emotionally detach....become "emotionally unavailable" or "commitment phobic"like everyone else is and Hell it seems like the cool way to be right now. RIGHT???

SO lets crank the tunes...start the car and get on with the eternal party that is my existance....


oh and try to keep up okay?



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