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7:13 p.m. - June 11, 2003
Sitting Around
I sit around ALOT. I just realized that. I dont guess that is really a bad thing its just that I sit around alot.

Work is getting better I think I am over my dumb spell and I am starting to catch on more. I still dont know EXACTLY what we do but I am sure in a few years I will figger it out.

This morning I woke up in a pool of gross is that?

SO the next entry on here is lyrics to a song by Faster Pussycat (Yea I am still on this lyrics kick) But I wanna dedicate this song to D, Sassy, Pookie and Monkey....and if you guys wanna hear the song I would be more than happy to burn it for you....

I love you have been there for me when I was my highest of high and lowest of lows....I couldnt make it without you....Okay I am a SAP!!!!!But it needed to be said....(see next entry)

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