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5:54 a.m. - June 12, 2003
Mornin or something similar

Its Thursday. I usually go to the Goat tonight. But Sassy has a leaking head gasket and I dont think its gonna happen tonight. No big I have no money anyway. I guess I could lay off the beer a bit anyway. The headaches are unbearable.

Pink isnt really coming out of my hair and the problem is that I am getting used to it. Sheesh....pain in the ass.

I am just kinda there today...maybe not enuf coffee...I need a redbull but I am gonna hafta stop at the store on the way in to work.

Okay I am looking at this page and there is a banner ad that says:

"You wanna get greased up like a frightened pig and use me as a human "slip'n'slide" dirty bastard... "

Thats funny as shit but I have no idea what the damn thing is selling...

So today I am gonna take a shower..change my attitude and as my fav band says "Get high on a new thing"

Off to wash the sleep off me...Paco is singing like crazy..he is such a happy baby...Harley is piggin out as usual... I love my boys.... caio
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