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6:37 p.m. - June 12, 2003
A Definition of Crazy
Traffic..that'll make you crazy. I had to pick up Sassy at work in Costa Mesa and then drive down Harbor to the Honda shop then go to San Clemente....Now dont get me wrong I would give my life for her but GEEZUS the traffic commin back was a BITCH.

Okay, but thats not the focus of this entry. I was thinking I may touch on some of the dates I have been on since I left off just cuz they are funny.

Lets start with the "Riverside Drunk" I drove my ass all the way to the 909 cuz he told me there was a great bar and also cuz I figgered that it might be better (and since I am a control freak) if I drive. I went to his house...he was okay...nothing to get all wet over but okay...cooked me steaks ...BUT many many cats...YUKKY and his house was a pig sty...not that mine is a mansion but its sorta clean. This idiot then put on a blue sports coat with his YELLOW shirt and BLACK pants (garanimals Brotha!!!) and called a CAB to take us to this bar. Where...he proceeded to get baked and FELL ON ME when we got back to his house...I left there like my ass was on fire....Definition of Crazy #1

"My Camaro goes Fast Wayne"....hit on psycho Vicky..IN FRONT OF ME....he was an oily bohunk with a shaved head...and his head was way small...Definition of crazy #2

"Stoner Joe"...A pre-teen in a 20 somethings body...couldnt hold his liquor....He was funny as hell BUT when you go to you car to get something and pass out....what the FUCK...I had to leave his keys on the windshield of his car and snuck away quietly from the bar....Definition of crazy #3

"The Tall Texan" with the BAD ostrich boots...STALKED me at the Goat..sat in the shadows and watched me....when he pounced I almost punched him...THEN...5 weeks later calls me and wants to know if he got the right feeling thatI didnt wanna see him again...HMMMM leeme think....NO FUCKIN WAY!! Thanks for playing ...Definition of crazy #4

"Im too ugly for myself"..I honestly do not remember this cats name...I am sure Sassy and D do but I do not...anyway...funny as hell profile...kinda odd on the phone but his pic was HOTT...met me at the bar...NOT HIM IN THE PIC I SAW....NOT EVEN CLOSE...anyway he told me he touched up his pic with photoshop...MY ASS....Definition of crazy #5

Well thats the top 5 reasons I am getting close to being over the dating thing...If this is all thats out there I am gonna end up the wierd old lady with the birds....I hope CK isnt one of these types...I dont think he is...

So those are my definitions of crazy....If i feel enlightened I may write more...right now I need to EAT...


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