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7:40 p.m. - June 14, 2003
I need beer...why? Cuz I am a Jackass
I am a jackass....

I would be better off if I had been drinking all day because I woulda been passed out by now...but NOOOOOO ...Only one beer for the old gal today....STUPID STUPID STUPID....

So see I am talking on IM to this cat we will call him "cherokee" (LOL) and he told me to just stop the BS and call I did...after I said I wasnt gonna and i fuckin did it....

Lemme tell ya this wait...I think I need a beer...fuck the yogurt...OFF TO THE FRIDGE...BRB

well aside from waking up next to CK I think a cold beer is probably the very best thing in the UNIVERSE....

Oh and had better be right buddy....

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