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8:14 p.m. - June 15, 2003
Neurotic People Everywhere
Good evening....I guess...Lets see today I needed to get out of the house so D and I went in punkin down to Newport. She had never been drinkin down there so what the hell plus it was a pretty day out. I think the guys at the Beachball put something in their drinks cuz damned if I dont always get drunk...even if I just drink fucked up is that???

I have noticed the lack of attention I get with the pink hair...oh well maybe its for the best...I think I may keep it ...I traded in the fuschia color for a lighter shade...Ill try it later maybe...

I spoke earlier of my new friends I made on this site and they like being called by their names so Jim, John and Rob howdy...but I think I am making your friend out there a bit angry...maybe one of you could tell her green prolly isnt her color...I was just reading diaries...I liked ya'll...we are friends....and speaking from experience sista....if you ever wanna get a man let that attitude go cuz when you get older you'll end up just being the bitter old cat lady...youre too young to be this bitter and angry....

Nuff of that...I am sure that will warrant hate posts on my notes section..whoopie doo

Nothing big happened today...I just kinda wandered aimlessly thru the day. I shouldnt have gone out today so I coulda gone out tonight

Still no call from CK...***sigh*** I knew it...oh well. I think I wrote an email to him that didnt sit well...

Remember earlier when I said I had song lyrics for today but didnt know how they fit in...well this is it....I guess I get too jumpy and run off on a whim and talk trash but ya know with this one I had nothing to lose right?

so here is todays....of course you know where this is from right?

Damned if I do, damned if I don't

Someone's always watching me

Turn on the news and hear what I'm gonna do

Before it ever happens to me

With a slip of the tongue

I'm in deep shit

I'm so bad off I can taste it

Buried myself with a slip of the tongue

Maybe one day I will learn to think before I speak..or in this case write...BUT...I never have been good at tact...

Well Law and Order CI is getting ready to come on and the burds gottta go to bed...Ill write again in the AM....

Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite


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