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9:01 a.m. - June 15, 2003
New friends ROCK

I swear if I ever wanna sleep in..damn glad I am an early riser...sometimes I wish Paco never learned burd-speak. he is screaming "ON MAMA, ON MAMA" (talkin about the music) amd then comes over to the edge of the cage and says...."WHAT WHAT WHAT". Harley is tearing my purse apart on the floor...I think the mere sight of it angers his little green ass...too odd.

Didnt do dick last night...dont care...never heard from CK..SEE CHEROKEE I TOLD YOU!!! So much for that...

need java ..brb.......................back..better.

So I was perusin the other diaryland diarys last night and for the most part they bored the shit outta me...I write in this cuz it helps me stay level and I can get my lunacy out without inflicting it on others...anyhoo...I ran across this dude "Crazy-Jim". He has prolly one of the best diaries I ever read...thoughts like mine..then he turned me onto his friends and I added them to my list so if you get the chance to check them out...go to my profile and take a look they are definately good ones...nice to know I am not the only nutjob out there...Crazy-Jim, dead-spekter, Mr Bailey...I Love you guys...thanks....

These guys live in the desert hell of Nevada....Crazy Brain says...come to the beach boys....

So today I have nothing to do...I need to rinse the punkin off again. Fuckin soap scum all over the damn windows...I did a half ass job so I guess thats what I get...It is overcast out..I kinda hope it stays that way then I dont hafta feel bad for being a slug...Gotta paint my nails..I hate this blue color I have on them.

As the same as yesterday I am sure I will write more. I have some good lyrics for today but I gotta figger out how they fit in...

Well off to veg out and watch Freddie Prinze Jr on TV..YUMMY!!



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