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9:08 p.m. - June 14, 2003
The thug across the alley
I went to get yogurt...and that is what prompted another entry today....can anyone say OVERKILL????

I live in a I have a garage and a common alley with the folks that live behind me...this is about that garage behind me....

A few weeks ago the Camaro from hell showed up...lets dwell on this for a sec cuz you guys know how i feel about cars (for the most part) BUT any auto abuse is a capital crime in my book...

This is a 1970 camaro...I am sure once it was a beautiful ride...arent they all when they are born...but like people cars turn ugly over the years but this one got more than its fair share...For starters no panel matches. It is a bondo sculpture begging for a crusher lot...and to add insult to injury this jackass has taken krylon bright metallic blue paint to the nose piece and doors. Why? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS.

Now the jackass of which I speak we shall call the "thug" which is exactly what he is....he is also a tweeker (I know this because he is up at 4 am working on the BEAST) so it can only get better right ..WRONG...same jeans and wife beater everyday...I seriously dont think he bathes..he wears a bandana on his head...has a wannabe short mullet, jeans tucked into his army boots and diahrrea of the mouth.

Bible Beater said I should be nice to him cuz its the "christian" thing to do...He sure changed his tune when Thug cornered him for a comversation about how worthless MR2's are and shift kits for chevrolet...HA HA HA...take that you crazy christian!!!

He began speaking to me without warrant and saying construction worker speak "lookin good baby" "hey baby whats UP???" "bout time you got home hot stuff" can I BARF? well last week I was out workin on punkin and he just hasta pick a discussion/fight about my hubcaps...which by the way are from 1975 and hard to find in any good condition...but HE thinks he can get them I would take anything from him anyway...I'd rather ROT...

Anyway that day CK came by and was hanging out with me (thank god) and Thug saw him and has since stopped all means of grunting in my direction (THANK THE GODS) til tonight....and he had to scream at me as I walked around the corner...."YOU NEED TO PUT ANOTHER COAT OF PINK IN YOUR HAIR"

Now here is my I take my "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" knife (yes the same one she killed Faith with) out there and gut the bastard...or ignore him...Crazy brain says kill brain says...Hugh Jackman is on TV are you a retard??

So I think I am gonna let it slide but next words outa his mouth and he gets a grand tour of fist city...stinky thug bastard...

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