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5:17 p.m. - June 16, 2003
Still waters run deep
Well another day...I did get a computer and a phone at my desk at work FINALLY....IT people are so persnickerdy....So now I can access all damn day like I should be...

You all know I am totally pumped about the concert in July...well I texted messaged "A" my first love back in Big D and said "hey its me when you can I have something cool to tell you". Now let me go down for the record and bring you up to speed on him...

Met him at a Mojo show (no not the was a local band I used to dig big time) He was the drum tech...He was a drummer too...really good...funniest guy I ever met...Totally fell for him together..on and off for a number of years..bad finality...tried to hang..too much tension...last time I saw him was in Dallas before I moved here...I have only talked to him once in 3 years til today...

Sometimes its like you never stop talking...and of course there is ALWAYS a part of my heart he will hold...he seemed freaking excited to talk to me and when I told him about the show I thought he was gonna shit when I told him about the show. I think he and I are the only ones left in the free world that listen to these bands...the reason I called him was because 1. He turned me on to them 2. I knew he would understand 3. I wanted to share the thrill with SOMEONE that would get it. Anyway he said he is sorta single again and wants to come out for the show maybe. "GULP" Oh be still my parents would die if I told then I was gonna see him...he wasnt their favorite...but they never gave him a chance back then. I have the ability to see what those narrowminded ones cant...its nice.

I should talk to him again tonight..we shall see...Ill keep ya posted.

Was supposed to meet "Ian" tonight...NOT...I told ya....

And I guess the latest trend with me is if I like a guy he goes away...I still havent talked to CK...I am beginning to assume he is into other things...things that arent about way mixed signals....I would be more than willing to work thru things with him but I guess I did something really really wrong. I feel like I am bothering him now so I am gonna leave him alone. CK if you are reading this...I dont know what to do...kinda sad...***sigh***

Hopefully I can sleep tonight. I am worn out. But I am no where near tired...I hate insomnia. My cable box got water in it and it is fried...I cant get a new one til friday...Sux to be me guess Ill be watchin tube in the den...yuk.

I am gonna do a few thinks and more than likely scribe in this more later...gotta cook...




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