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6:02 a.m. - June 16, 2003
I overslept like a motha fucker...running late....

Didnt have any pills to put me out so I think I fell asleep an hour ago...SUCKS DICK TO BE AN INSOMNIAC WITH AN OVERACTIVE CEREBELLUM...

Crankin up the Pussycat and jumpin in the shower...woo GOOD DAY I CAN FEEL IT.

I may have a date tonight with "Ian" who guys know me I wont end up going I am sure.

CK called at midnight last night...I didnt answer...I think I was a little pissy about this whole ordeal and I didnt wanna say something stupid...Look at me takin my own advice...Call Ripley's!!!

Ill write more during the day or later tonight...

Oh and Jim and John and Rob...before you take off for school you must come to Cali..ROAD TRIP!! You guys are a light for me thanks so much!!!




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