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10:12 p.m. - June 16, 2003
Sad Day in Web World
Well once again I shut down the computer to turn in for the night...and being the Jackass that I am I logged into the web on my cell and saw some unsettling emails in my inbox.

You see I am a member of many web forums. I am a bit of a lurker but from time to time I speak my mind. When I was at my lowest and loneliest I met people thru one particular forum that turned out to be just A+. However as of late there has been alot of hostility and people on this site lashing out at each other. As much crap as I talk I think people opinions are like thumbprints and show who they should never berate someone for their beliefs or opinions no matter how off you may think they are...

So today was sad as I withdrew from one of the best forums..or at least i thought it was...

Oh and Jim if you read this...what I said earlier in case you didnt write it down was....a bit of a Vicki-ism

"Take some time to find out who you are, before you try to decide what you are"




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