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4:47 a.m. - June 17, 2003
4:30 AM
4:30 AM....I know Matchbox20 sings a song called 3 AM..I am gonna hit the net tonight to see if there is a song about 4:30 AM....

Need coffee....brb............better.

Pretty much got a few good hours of sleep last night. Thats a good thing. I think I finally fell asleep about 2:15.

Lo and behold CK called last night. Seems okay...just busy. I am kinda needy right now. He said he wants to see me and I sure he will get to if he means it. I dunno. A friend told me I need to have a heart to heart with him...Sassy says don't just let it go. I say? Pass me a cocktail I need to think about it...

So today is tuesday...big f'in is good but its the same ole same least it keeps me busy.

My friend Suz has been on my mind alot lately...I have tried to call her and gotten nothing. It doenst make me freaky cuz she is worse about returning calls than me. I hope she got a Job...Jackasses at the Ayres hotel sucked the life outta her and canned her ass. Fuckers...I hope she is okay...I miss you rock star!!!

Have I mentioned how great my car is? I just had a fleeting thought about driving it and it put a big huge grin on my face...

No date plans or nothing tonight...May come home and retip my hair if I am not too lazy. We shall see...

Funny thing last night my new cell rang (GD thing scares the dog poo outta me... so loud) and it was mah boss the Slave Driver...he wanted me to call him back cuz he uploaded images to his cell phone...HEY YOUR A BIGGER DORK THAN ME...I do hafta go down for the record saying he is prolly the coolest drinking buddy I got aside from the tribe...

Paco must know it is was early..he is burd whispering...flippin CUTE!!! Damn. Harley is hanging upside down off the bottom of his cage...I think he is disturbed.

Well I guess I should start getting ready for the grind...Hope all out there in web-land have a super recap tonight...




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