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8:22 p.m. - June 16, 2003
Damn thing quit workin..and my fuckin TV is from a hotel so I only get certain channels...I am FREAKIN cuz I have NO all night Law and Order...what am I supposed to do dammit? I mean I cant stay up all night with no Law and Order???? Then I had an attack of the smarts and took my VCR...hooked it up..reworked some wires and did a bit of creative programming and WHAM-O LAW AND ORDER...I am so happy I could shit my own head....

Talked to "A" for a bit tonight. He is doing well and in a band that is radio friendly. FINALLY...I havent heard them yet but he and "Mark" are playin together and thats cool...they dont have any music on their website but you can check out their mugs if you go to I am not tellin which he is...if you are smart and PAY ATTENTION you can figger it out all by yourself...he he he.

Talked for a bit to my new bud Jim tonight..he is a charming guy well spoken beyond his years...I hope that we can be friends forever and I want him to know if there is ever anything he needs, if I can possibly pull it off by all means hunny I am here for you...

I feel totally boring right now...nothing funny is oozing out of me and I hate that...maybe its the moon phase...I did see some funny banner ads on here tho...this cracked me up....

How many communion wafers must you eat before you consume an entire Christ?

Guess I need to add the great lyrics-o-the day...I am gonna dedicate these to A cuz well he gets it....Good talk baby...thanks...I miss ya....No matter what you will always be in my heart...!

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