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5:42 a.m. - June 19, 2003
Hottie in my bed part II
Happy Thursday....

I woulda wrote last night but circumstances beyone my control prohibited net access....NOTHING bad so dont freak!!!

First Sassy's Honda bit the big one....SO I emailed the guy that took Blackie off my hands to help her, thinking maybe he could take a look at her car. I do NOT trust auto dealer service departments....I am all into the homeboy garage thingy...ANYHOO...long story short we went up to Whittier to Mikes Z Shop and looked at a car for her that Mark had. WOW....are you ready ...??? White 1982 280ZX...yep THATS RIGHT!!! (who knew she'd turn into a Z girl?!? lol...) TTops, Turbo, leather, gold is she gonna get the looks in this car...lucky stiff...In a way I am Jealous..reminds me alot of The Rat.

Second turn of events...well by the time I got home it was after 8 and Sass hung for a bit while I freshed up...I was supposed to have "company" but with the past few weeks track record I seriously thought it wouldnt happen...But to my suprise at 945 guess who walks thru my bedroom door...yeppers...CK...he is soo yummy. I wish I didnt like him. I am not one to kiss and tell but I will reiterrate that I love waking up next to him....nuff said.

Well its off to work...looks like Sass and I will be Goatin it tonight...Ill write when I get home...




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