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7:28 p.m. - June 20, 2003
Cable Plight & Jennifer
I hate the fuckin cable company...I injured (not mortally) my cable box and got another. SOOOO...I bring it home hook it up...NADA...this was at 4:30pm...It is now 7:30pm...3 HOURS LATER STILL NO CABLE. To add insult to injury the damn cable people kept telling me to call this 800 number..and I kept telling them I AM YOU STUPID FUCKS!!! EGAD where do all the retards come from? So now here I sit waiting on my cable box to recieve its "warmth" whatever the hell THAT means. Hell I dont get any "warmth". Maybe I should become a cable box. Thank the gods I got a couple of movies for tonight.

SO last night my cell phone rang and it was a call from 972 (thats Dallas to any lame-o's that dont know). Now if I get a call from Dallas something is usually awry...and so it was. I didnt answer because I was pre-coma at the time. SO this morning I figured that I should call the number back cuz something must be was 7 am and in Big D thats 9 am so I figgered if my phone rang at 9:45 last night it was 11:45 there so I call early so I can catch the freak that is calling me. All I get is a chick's answering machine. Shrug it off...get on with my day.

Lunch cell rings AGAIN ..972...oh now the moment of truth...HELLO???? So this is how the conv went....

Me: Hello?

Gurl: Hello?

Me: Hello?

Gurl: Yea this number was on my caller ID

Me: Yea I called you back this morning you called my cell last night.

Gurl: Who is this?

Me: Who is THIS?

Gurl: This is Jennifer

Me: Were you trying to reach someone in california?

Gurl: My parents live in calfornia

Me: Maybe you just misdialed

Gurl: HMMM

Me: Hows the weather in Dallas?

Gurl: Hot as hell. Are you calling "A"

Me: Um you called me

Gurl: Yes but were you calling "A"

Me: No YOU called me.

Gurl: Yea this number was on my caller ID

Me: I understand that but you called me last night I was calling to see who you were.

Gurl: Were you calling "A"

Me: I talked to him a while back but it was so he would burn me a CD and I asked him if he wanted anything from the Faster Pussycat~Enuff Z Nuff concert.

Gurl: Hmmmm

Me: well listen if I see your parents I'll tell them you said hi. bye

Gurl: Bye

Summary: First off she aint the sharpest knife in the drawer huh? Second she is "A"'s girlfriend. Now I knew A had a GF for the record so thats no big. What is a big is that she is checking his phone log on his cell. I talked to A today right after this loony called me and he said last night he went to jam and left his cell home...when he came in at 3 am Chubby (that is what I always called her when he first started dating her) was waiting up wanting to know who I was. Poor baby...he is in for a thrashin tonight....Hey A...I am sorry...why dontcha just kick her out like you said??

So I am staying home tonight chillin...gonna go scream at the cable fucks some more....if I dont pass out I'll write more if not...til manana



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