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5:36 a.m. - June 20, 2003
Slidin into the weekend
FRIDAY!!!! YEA!!!!

Well I made it thru another week. Amazing? Not so much. Just gettin by I guess. Last couple of days have been busy and I havent been able to write much. Scary thing is, other than my company and Sassy's new car it wasnt anything really exciting...

Sassy and I went to the Goat last was dead big cuz I wasnt really in the mood....when money is a little tight I dont like hanging out too much. I gotta go after work and drop off bills and things and I guess that was on my mind a bit. Plus I felt like I was getting so fat from drinking so much. I am gonna try to curb it a bit til I go home cuz the last thing I wanna do is kill one if the Horses at my sisters. Horses are supposed to ride horses right? *argh* Anyhoo we went to the Goat and Cyclops met us and we had Pizza and 1 beer.

When I got there Sass was sitting with some guy..I guess she dated him a few years ago. Its funny cuz I have seen her get bergidity over a puppy but I have never met a puppy she had gone out with...I am with her all the time but I have no clue what her "type" is. Shit for that matter I dont know what MY "type" is.

Well I plan on layin low this weekend...There is a little get together after work tonight...I dunno if I will go ...alot of it depends on who all is going and that crap. I was kinda thinking I may just rent some flicks and maybe draw a bit or paint even. I have a friend or two that could do for some art.

Today at lunch we are taking one of the girls out for her b-day...should be fun. I am starting to get the groove of work so thats cool...The girls (even the one I thought hated me) came over to my desk yesterday to get ME to teach them something...It was cool. Maybe she just gets in her moods and I AM a bit needy this week. Coulda been me (OH SHIT did I say that?)

So as far as the fellas go...well I have NO man plans this weekend...and I dont forsee that either as I prefer to plan in advance BUT you know if you know who calls well he can come over. I am such a sucker...

The chili cookoff is Sunday..THAT is gonna be fun fun fun. Chili Pepper is so funny ...she calls me and tells me NOT to wear the leather top...ha ha ha...Prolly safe thing...I was gonna wear my rubber top but Ill give and wear a chili team tank...There is a big charity big run then too that ends up at the cookoff...I gotta look GOOD...It'll be a blast. If I am not too exhausted when I get home on sunday I'll recap that.

Paco is kinda tryin to talk this mornin. I hate to tell him he sounds more like a rooster on meth...And of course Harley is head first into the water...wack-o bird. If he was more well behaved I would take him sunday. Maybe Ill drive to Omars and take Har with me.

Rumor has it Jeff bought a new Jeep and got rid of his truck. I wonder if he found the faceplate to my stereo when he cleaned out that truck? I know he did and being the Jackass he is he prolly tossed it.

Well its gettin to be close to the time to shower and I guess I will write more when I get home...And I will add some lyrics to the mix tonight.


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