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2:01 p.m. - June 21, 2003
Afternoon break
Well I am back again and it is around 2ish on saturday afternoon. I am bored but not to the extent of misery. I knew it would get like

Cable is sorta back to normal. Can you believe after all the drama I put up with I had to call the cable company AGAIN and a GIRL got it to work...fuckin figgers huh? Chicks RULE!

I went to the store and walked out without beer...god I am head sometimes is squarely up my ass. Didnt get chocolate milk either. Oh well guess I gotta go out again...maybe in a few.

Just watched Just married is so flippin funny...I also got Bike BoyZ...any thing with Kid Rock in it is okay by me.

Well its off to the store...guess Ill write more later...



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