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8:04 a.m. - June 21, 2003
Selfish Kinda Life
Weather in the Am in So-Cal blows goat dick...Dreary out AGAIN! I feel good tho so nothing else matters.

I had a dream last night Paco became an escape artist and could X-man his way outta his cage...I slept a little later today and he was so ready to get up. He is funny as hell. Harley likes to take his food and dip it in his water...And he will stand on the back of his cage and hold the blinds with one foot so he can see out good. Fuckin smart burdies.

Sorry about the rage with the cable box. I am so done with it. I hafta go over to adelphia this AM and swap it out AGAIN! If I wasnt addicted to law and order I wouldn't of cared and I do have why all the fuss? Shit if I know.

Did NOTHING (with the exception of the cable box war) last night. I am by no means complaining. I am so broke I dont wanna go out anyway. Just not really in the mood. The Chili Cookoff is tomorrow it'll be fun. Hopefully I will have pics soon on my profile. I still have a roll of film in my camera from the last one.

So today I plan on being a vegetable. I gotta go to the cable place then to the grocery store to get lunch stuff for next week...that's IT. I plan on nestling down in my room...reading a bit and watching tv. I'll prolly draw some I gotta finish the 3 Girls I have started.

Also another project today is to go thru all my old photos and get the ones of me and the Jew (Jeff) and mail them to him...I sure dont wantem and they are taking up all sorts of space I could use for useful stuff...

Well thats about it for the AM recap. I guess I'll chug a redbull and hit the shower...Oh and I thought I would add some here ya go...See if this makes sense...Describes me to a tee.

Now all those simple things are simply too

complicated for my life

How'd I get so faithful to my freedom?

A selfish kind of life

When all I wanted was the simple things

A simple kind of life.

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