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7:50 p.m. - June 21, 2003
Closing the day
Well its the end of the day and all I did was slug it today. It was nice to do nothing but kinda a waste in the same sense.

I am STILL haveing cable issues...NOW the jackasses say it is something to do with the fiber optics coming into my house. HELLLLLOOOOO the picture is FINE if the box isnt hooked up. Thank god it is only reruns on HBO.

I went all day without calling CK and to my suprise he called me to say hi. Well THAT'S odd...he hasn't called to just shoot the shit in a long time...he said he would call me later. Ill hold my breath so everyone can watch me turn blue. But it sure would be nice if he proved me wrong...

Gotta get up early to go to the Chili Cookoff....I will write more in the Am when I get up.




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