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7:55 a.m. - June 22, 2003
Chili Cookoff AM
CHILI COOKOFF!!!! Yay! its gonna be so much fun. I got a good nights sleep and an 18 pack of Budlight...I am ready.

I passed out like I had been hit in the head with a mallet last night. i took a back pill and drank a beer...what an idiot..label said "dont take with alchohol will impare EVERYTHING" and so it did.

CK never I expected him to...ha ha ha ha ha ha. If I was still holdin my breath I would be dead.

So it should be interesting to see who comes to the cookoff today. I know the Jew is prolly up here in OC visiting his Flavor Of The Month...for his sake and all else around I hope he has enuf good sense to stay away or it could be very very bad...I don't wanna loose composure but I hate him with every inch of my being and I am sure, knowing me, that it'll be really hard to be cordial. But I think we are gonna have fun anyways and I will recap afterwards if I am not to spent. I hope the sun comes out.




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