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6:30 p.m. - June 23, 2003
Car Drama~Spewin Gas
Well the car drama continues...At work today Slave Driver wanted to go out and look at the brake booster...And I started the car and when I turned it off noticed a pin hole in one of the fuel lines....FUCK FUCK FUCK IT. So now I gotta get to Pep boys, home and fix it with out catching on FIRE. Goddammed how long has this been happening I wonder...I coulda gone up in smoke and no one know...Slave Driver offered to let me come over and let him do it but I opted to do it myself cuz that is what I do and I needed to do this. Car therapy is always good. Sassy came over and coached me...she is a champ at that, and thank the gods she is cuz I bought the wrong size hose at first and she hadta take me to Manny, Moe and Jacks to get a different size. Long story short...we RULE and I can fix anything..I am sooooo ready to take on the brake booster...If I get good at this I am gonna try out for a NASCAR team.

So here I sit dirty and smellin like gas...If I had a man here I would sure turn him am so sure.

I have opted to 86 laundry tonight and do it tomorrow since I have no life. It should help fill up my week...OH JOY.

Well tonight I am gonna do some hair shit and take a shower...kick back and play on the net. If I have any exciting encounters I will add before bed...




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