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5:08 a.m. - June 23, 2003
Back to the grind
EARLY risin. My hours have changed at work. I go in at 7 get off at 3:30 now. That rocks!!! Gives me alot of the day to still do stuff. However I hafta get up earlier. THAT aint so much fun.

My brakes have been all crappy on my car. I thought my master cylinder was going an email from the Z Car God...Just the brake big...THANK THE GODS!!! I thought I was in the same boat as my friend Rob...LOL...Rob hunny if you are reading this we are both in car brake HELL!!!I was scared to Drive but Z God told me not to worry just push harder on the brakes.

Well Chilipepper didnt win the cookoff. She called last night and even with all of out pan handling didnt even win peoples choice. THAT SUX. Oh well there is always next time.

CK text messaged me at 12:45 last night. he had just gotten home. At least he is following thru when he says he will do something. He said he'd call and he did. Progress. I didn't count on him comming over last night. That woulda been a stretch. LOL.

Today holds nothing major. And I realize there hasn't been anything funny or any lyrics in a few. Just haven't been in the "funny" mood. Maybe tonight, who knows, it is laundry night. Whoopie.

Well off to the shower...till later...



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