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5:10 a.m. - June 24, 2003
Boredom is Bliss
Here we least the fuckin gas leak on punkin is fixed. I am kinda pumped and to be honest it was fun. I may hafta do more tonight. Sue and I are supposed to go to Whittier tonight to get a brake booster for Punkin, but I havent talked to Z God so I dunno...

AND stupid cable people are supposed to come out..gawd that drama continues. Shit I am happy just running it thru the damn VCR. I am here to tell you that if this ignoramus comes out here and tells me there is NOTHING wrong with the cable lines and its the box...I am gonna raise 9 kinds of hell and thats just a start. Fruitcakes. I guess to work for cable you hafta take an Idiot Test.

I wont be on the computer alot today cuz Slave Driver has a project for he and I. He told me to wear comfy clothes and THAT scares me. I have a feelin I am gonna be out on the docks checkin shit today. I asked him yesterday what was the dealio...why did I get so lucky? He said its cuz of my computer skills. ARGH....whatever happened to a job like I had at the hotel? Big Bucks and no work? Oh wait...I QUIT that job...not my smartest move. But for the better I was miserable there.

Well as for an update on the man front...didnt hear from CK at all yesterday. No big shock there. I did have convo number 2 with a new guy...He is nice enuf and makes me smile. Seems genuinely grounded & real, but dont they ALL at FIRST? For the diary I'll call him "Blue". More on that IF it goes anywhere...ROFL.

Well off to the usual shower ritual. You know I was thinking this AM...arent we all like hamsters? Same routine...wake up, run in the wheel, go NOWHERE, get out, eat, sleep, wake up and do it again? I think monotony is the gift of life. Yea I guess I am bored. Oh well.

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