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8:02 p.m. - June 24, 2003
No Mo Cable Drama
Well the cable guy came...and get this SHIT...there is this stupid fuckin loopy jobber in the back of the thing that the cable people connect when they give you the box...mine wasnt connected good so I didnt get all my channels...I TOLD YOU IT WAS THE BOX. Thank the gods that drama is over.

Didnt do nothin but laundry tonight. Not a big thrill. But now I have clean panties...if I had some new socks all would be right with the world.

My sista works with this dude out in the armpit of America (Oklahoma to those who havent a clue) We will call him Mr. Mensa. He actually was making my brain throb today with all these deep questions about me and my choice in men and all that crap. We kinda left the convo open ended...seemed odd to me but fun. Wierd huh? He is too smart for his own good. I think if he isnt careful his brain might could blow. One can only get so smart before tumors and shit...Be careful big boy and dont blow up before we get to go drinking and you take me out on the motorcycle!!!

I do need to throw a big huge thank you out there to a certain someone who has helped me alot lately by letting me great length...about stuff. Ed thanks for everything YOU are awesome. I hope someday I can fully return the favor.

Got a great email from R today...havent heard from him and I miss him...he is gonna come over tomorrow and spend a little time with moi. If I hadnt written it before he was my first friend in cali...he actually picked me up at the airport the day I arrived...GREAT man.

So Blue sent me the SWEETEST emails today. 2 before I went to work and then when I got there he had sent 2 more. What a thoughtful guy. And just to wish me a good day. He took his daughter to the Angels game tonight. I hope they are having fun. Maybe I can talk him into comin by this weekend while I work on punkin...

Work is a spaz box lately. Seems like everyone is up everyones ass. This is one time I am damn glad I am NOT in management. I feel bad for Slave Driver, he gets it from all sides. The place lacks organization and communication. Seems to me people are all running around harum scarum and no one talks to anyone else...too many chiefs and not enuf indians? YOU BETCHA...and I am gonna sit here and do my work and be a good little INDIAN...hide in mah wigwam. As hard as it is for me to go unnoticed I am sure gonna try. Then on the schedule dealie...I was working 7:30 to 4 and then it was discussed that my hours change to 7 to 3:30 and that is cool...either or really whats 30 minutes right? THEN Slave Driver decided that I NEED to work 7:30 to 4 cuz then we both leave at the same time and we can go get BEERZ. Now how fucked up is that? If he wasnt so much fun I might be sitting here going "HUH???"

Sassy had the big headache today (studying for Mensa? I think NOT) so she was going home and to bed. Our field trip to see the Z God is postponed til thursday. I hope he is okay I have emailed him twice and heard nothing.

well seems that I am rambling for no reason so I am gonna download some Pretty Boy Floyd and get ready for bed.




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