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6:57 p.m. - June 25, 2003
Bag Worms
Life is odd...the way things happen and such dontcha know? Okay that was my deep thought..hurt a bit but I am betta now.

I got an IM from CK today. Very generic. "Hi hope you are having a good day". Like mah sista sez.......WAT EV AH. Funny thing I guess I am getting immune...outta sight outta mind? The Big E sez he is puttin out a placard...UM hello NOT A TABLE...

Thought about Blue alot today. I guess the next few days will be do or die cuz we are gonna meet. I wish it was tonight. Oh well.

I saw the funniest thing today driving home. Well first I must say I wasnt going the regular way home...I went to Fuzzy's with Slave Driver and Sassy and shot a few games of pool and had a couple of pitchers...Slave Driver many boss' will go to slimy bikini bars with you and hang out...and lemme tell you if these girls were any uglier they would hafta shine the stage lights out toward the crowd to blind the patrons...damn ugly UGLY bitches.

Anyway back to the funny....I drove by this landscape place and on the sign it said "Bag Worm Removal". Now most people wont find that funny...but I laughed my ass off...its a long story but lemme tell ya..if you ever meet my sister...OH the girl HATES bag worms. Mom traumatized her when she was a kid. You know those things you mom does you can NEVER forgive her for? Well you can forgive her but live it down? HELL FUCKIN NO. Lemme put it this way..It was sis..a bread bag...a date on the way...and bag worms...nuff said...cuz I am lafin so hard right now I can hardly type... Sorry Sista...too funny to not document.

Mom doesnt want e to have pink hair when I come home...DAMN..she shouldnt of said THAT!

R was willing to come over tonight but I am just not into it...too much to deal with right now. Not that I cant handle it I just wanna relax and not cater to anyone right now.

well I have made it thru til thursday. Lawyer called today to tell me we should be getting a settlement on my personal injury claim. Best be enuf to catch up the bills and buy me a motorcycle...fuckin Safeco.

Well I am off to down load mo music and burn CD's for me and Sass...anything interestin happens between now and bed time...well AHL BE BAK!



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