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4:08 a.m. - June 25, 2003
Hump Day? I think not
Funny thing about's called "hump day" should be more like "speed bump day".

I tossed around the idea at 4 am to sleep later but I needed to get up and have time to jack around. I so wish I wasn't a morning person ALL the time. Java pumping into my veins and after a shower an ice cold Red Bull and I am ready to take on the day.

Well I guess D is really mad at me. Sassy and I were supposed to take her out for her birthday dinner saturday. But we hadta cancel cuz Sassy and I both had car drama. Sorry But Sass and I dont make the "Big Bucks" like she does so it aint as easy sometimes ya know? We dont mean to be rude and we do wanna do something for her cuz she is one of our best friends but damn dont get so pissy. I have sent her emails and got no response and no call thats how I know she is mad. Guess she'll snap outta it. Hell cuz of all the car drama we aint Goatin it this week. ***sigh*** Something hadta give and I think maybe a couple of weeks off couldnt hurt...makes people wonder what you are up to.

I have nothing big planned tonight. Depending on how the day goes it all depends. R had said he wanted to come over after work. I miss him but if I know me (and I do) I'll prolly wanna come home and chill for a bit and not have anyone over. I get wierd that way sometimes. This house can get like Grand Central, and as much as I love my friends, I do like to be able to govern my actions without having to worry about someone else ALL the time. ~~~see selfish kinda life~~~. OKAY OKAY ... I KNOW I am the one that tells people to come over whenever they wanna, but that invite doesnt mean ALL the time. Maybe I am overly hostessesy. I am just ready for this week to be OVER I guess. I am bored.

No emails last night from Blue, I knew he was busy tho and still no hear from CK...cest la vie. NEXT.

Walked down the hall a minute ago and heard what sounded like a T-Rex roaring in one of my roomates rooms...Snore-asaurus. Holy CRAP. Cracked me up and scared me to death at the same time. I wanna know...HOW DOES ONE SLEEP THRU THAT NOISE?

I think the earth and moon must be in some strange path cuz I feel really lethargic...hold on lemme look...okay Mars goes into retrograde in 5 days and the moon is void of course today. I KNEW IT.

Well I gotta get it together. And I guess I should get out and do somethng to try and keep my life a bit more interesting. Just dont feel at this time that there is alot to motivate me. I am BORED.

Til tonight....



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