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4:46 p.m. - June 26, 2003
Flakes and car parts
OH MY ACHING HEAD...I need the following:

1. Adult Beverage

2. Adult Entertainment

3. All Buffy all the time cable channel

4. All Law & Order all the time tv channel (almost have it with TNT but goddammed Charmed chimes in...and NOTHING makes me more nauseated than Alyssa Milano)

Interesting convo with CK today (told ya)...dont really feel like going into the details but I will tell ya this much...HE MAKES ME NUTS SOMETIMES. I wish I could be non-committal. But you know what it makes people not like you very much. If I dont wanna do something I just dont. And that is that. If you dont like it then god help ya. I used to be the queen of the flakes...OUT GREW IT. Well anyways he said he would like to hang out...uh huh okay...again I say WAT EV AH.

***disclaimer***I know I still have flakey moments but I have gotten 90% better. HAPPY NOW????

So Sass and I are gettin ready to head north to Z Gods...woo hoo brake part for MOI!!! So I best go get the shit outta the geerage (pronounced: gie raj) before she gets here cuz traffic is gonna be sick sick sick.

Ill write more when I get home if I have time. If I get in before CSI.




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