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5:26 a.m. - June 26, 2003
I HATE my neighbor~BITCH
Have I ever mentioned that I hate my neighbor Amy? This stupid fat whore makes me NUTS. I got woke up at 4 am to her, her kids, her fucking beaner boyfriend having some sort of "party". I beat on the wall. Now usually this works. But since the arrival of the Beaner it has gotten really bad. He beats back on the wall. SO I guess I am gonna hafta start calling the cops on her AGAIN. He was beating on the wall really hard back at me this AM and to make it worse his fuckin kids were coming around beating on my front door and woke the roomies up. BAD MOVE SLAMY!!! I am calling the landlord and the cops. I have lived here a helluva lot longer than you. Damn between her and the thug across the alley, I feel like the middle of an Oreo in hell.

Okay on a finer note...Thank god its thursday. I am so ready for the weekend. Not that there is anything HUGE going on but who knows.

Well Ck decided to try calling at 10:30 last night. I was in bed and just didnt feel like talking. I was hoping my Male roomie wasnt up, but he was and answered the was wierd cuz he called my home phone then my cell then my home then my cell then my home and thats when roomie answered. Damn...oh well. Today should be interesting convo with him if it gets that far.

Didnt get to talk to Blue last night. He hopped on the net for a sec last night. One of his girls had fever so he was a bit busy with that. He got back online but I had crashed out. He did send ANOTHER delightful email to me tho. What a sweetie. Its nice.

Downloaded alot of Pretty Boy Floyd last night...DAMN the concert next month is gonna ROCK...I am so pumped. You gotta hear thses guys if you like Poison or old Crue or Warrant. I dont think I have been this excited since I had backstage passes, performance passes and Ice House passes for Queensryche Promised Land Tour. This is gonna be as great (well maybe not AS great) as drinking martini's with Geoff Tate.

Which brings me to thinking for a sec. I have been so blessed with my life. The great things I have gotten to do and people I have met along the way, famous and not famous. There are very few people in the world that have done what I have or even been abe to if the opportunity came available. Makes me understand why I am still single and pretty okay with it. I have a great life and maybe a few teeny struggles and drama here and there but damn...thats normal...OH ME SO HAPPEE!!!

So I am supposed to go to Z God's tonight but it isnt lookin like it. SO I am gonna come home and do some more CD burning and reorganize for car therapy this weekend. CSI is on tonight and thats GOOD!

Paco is getting very courageous lately...he got down on the floor yesterday and went for a "stroll" with Harley. Those two were walking and talking...FREAKS...I hadta sit real still so he didnt flip but it was funny as hell. This morning he has decided he is gonna sing and try to get in the window sill. HEY BURDZILLA!!! YOU AINT SUPPOSED TO BE DOIN THAT!!!! Cyclops thinks I should set up the web cam and leave them out. Now he is doing flips. I think he and Harley are talkin too much.

Well its 5:40 so I guess I should peel myself up outta the chair and get on with mah day...



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