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6:12 p.m. - June 27, 2003
As the stomach churns
I swear I live in a real life soap opera. NOT bitchin about the drama got that MR. Mensa? I am just stating the obvious.

Extended chat with CK today. Unavoidable I guess...but better now than later. Nothing resolved really except that he has a screw loose and I dont live in a smear.Again just stating the obvious. Got angry and heated thats for sure...lots of finger pointing DENIAL (not me) and blame. I did tell him regardless of the outcome I need closure and to have that I hafta check the "vibe" coming from him. Talk is can talk all day and say thing will be alright..hell I went thru it with the Jew..but when you get the face time something is different. It always is. So I need to test the atmosphere and see if I can be around him anymore. Now it will be interesting to see when the little freak shows his face. Some say tonight...I bet not...I'll win.

Still looking forward to sunday....ANTICIPATION!!!

The rest of the evening consists of car therapy, beer consumption and two great friends chillin in the garage with moi keeping me centered and focused...Cyclops and Sassy...this buds for you!

Well baseball cap and gruddies on I am off to do the long awaited car therapy...



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