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11:51 p.m. - June 26, 2003
The Great CK Freak Out
Okay well I give up. I have tried being nice and accomodating and understanding and all those other words that make me nuts. As much as it hurts I am throwing CK back. I cant do anything right when it comes to him. As a friend or otherwise. His signals are all crossed and he is disfunctional. No communication skills at all what so ever. And until he figgers out what the fuck is wrong with him...well I sure cant. He came over tonight...things were going well...he gets all wierded out, defensive, freaks and leaves... I didnt do anything. Well maybe I did. who the fuck knows. I dont thats for sure. He is wacked right outta his noggin. So finality? Yes...blocked on Yahoo IM...Blocked on MSN...No more cyber relationship of any kind...He asked me today if I was upset with him...and I told him it takes alot to get me upset...well I AM UPSET WITH YOU NOW MISTER. And I dont get over it that fast.

Well at least I can pursue other interests. I have a lunch date with Blue on sunday, him and his daughters...I think it will be fun he is charming.

Well damn good thing I have car therapy planned this weekend. I need it bad now. I may start rippin into it tomorrow night just cuz.

Another big I O U goes out to Big E...always close by when I need a friend to talk to..Hopped online after the "CK Freak Fest" and lo and behold there he was. And always willing to lend an ear and sound advice to those (me) who are off balance a bit.

Well I am gonna go back to talking to Big E and then hit the sack. I am drained and need to have my game face for work tomorrow. Another one bites the dust. Its sad but prolly for the best.



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