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4:18 a.m. - June 27, 2003
Early and AWAKE
What can I say? Its friday. Thank the gods. This week has been a wierd one. I am so ready for it to be over. And it is. A case of bud light and car therapy...just what the doctor has ordered.

Went to Z Gods last night..what a Great guy he is...GAVE me the brake booster for my car...I cant even begin to calculate the amount of bucks this man has saved me on my car...New alternator, Antenna and now this brake do-jobber. What a GREAT GREAT MAN.

Well this is the last entry I will have about what happened last night. Just a side note to know that I am over it and it was probably the best thing that coulda happened. Snaps me outta thinking he and I coulda had anything.

So here we go lets get on with the week is a 4 day week. Should be good and to be honest I am totally looking forward to my sunday lunch date.

Okay well I gotta wrap this up for now..but I will update when I get home...




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