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9:38 a.m. - June 28, 2003
Beauty Secrets and Auto Repairs
Multi-tasking Day!!! Hair color (twice; Blonde & Pink) car repairs (fuel lines) and cleaning.

Oh hell yea I did the brake booster last night. And it was fun too...Cyclops and Sassy hung out..It was kinda a little geeraj party. We cranked Up PBF and jammed while I got FILTHY. So today I am gonna gas it up...Yea I am sure the fuel lines will spew. No big I am cool with it.

Sass talked on the phone t Big E for a loooooooooooong time last night. Thats cool. I didnt get to chit chat tho. I was covered in filth and didnt wanna touch my new phone with filthy hands. Shit they are still dirty this morning, but thats okay cuz I am just gonna get diry again.

I did talk to Blue on the phone last night for a bit. I am so glad. Then we had an extended chat on the net...The guy is sweet and romantic and charming...may be too good to be true. But I REFUSE to look for the negatives. Not this time just gonna take things one day at a time.

Well I have round one of blondin goop in my hair...gotta rinse dry and pink it up...I will write more as the day progresses.

Oh and for he record..Not a WORD from CK...I WIN I WIN!!! I knew it...



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