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8:52 p.m. - June 28, 2003
Car Repair Goddess
Okay I am the SUPER GODDESS OF CAR REPAIR!!! I fixed the brake do jobber yesterday AND replaced fuel lines today ALL BY MY MYSELF. I wanted something else to do but couldnt figger out what else needed fixin. I just knew that I would get this car all torn down and be scramblin in a panic to get it back together on sunday. I rock!!!

Okay enuf of my tootin my own horn huh. Wait this is MY diary and thats what it is for right?

Been talkin to Blue ALOT the last couple of days....very much diggin him. And Hoping with all hope that he isnt a HUGE ass geek. I dont think he is but you know my luck. Anyways looks like we are takin the girls to Balboa Island tomorrow. I think it'll be good.

Sassy and I were tossin around the idea of going out tonight but OBVIOUSLY we didnt. I am gonna stick it out online til I can talk to Blue again. Okay yea I am nervous.

So the thug across the alley was out when I went to get a yogurt and he decided to start TALKING about me to the slope he shares a garage with. I turned around and said ...very loudy..."YOU ANNOY ME!!!!!". I wanted to say "Hi I am Vic and I am going to kill you now". But I didnt cuz dammit I have a DATE tomorrow and NO ONE is gonna fuck it up NO ONE.(sorry borderline psychotic spell there).

Well today was a very good productive day...wanna throw a hey there out to my buds in Nevada...Jessica, Jim, John and Rob!!! Hey ya'll!!! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend. And Jess... Here is to us gurls that keep things going VROOOM!


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