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5:28 a.m. - June 30, 2003
Early Morning,Tared Goddess and Dates
Ya know what happens when I dont write when I am supposed to? I get behind and flip out. Thats why I didnt write EVERYTHING that happened in the NO-WRITE GAP. So see I havent written since yesterday and now I am way behind. CRAP.

So I went on my Date with Blue and his daughters. He IS a charming guy. Just like I said...Not bad to look at, and after he got comfortable with me pretty damn cool. How could someone NOT be comfortable around me? Oh THATS easy. His girls and I got on well. There was one point where I had the oldest's hand and was holding the baby. I fed the baby cheese sticks and snow cone and had convo with the oldest. They were cool. He said I seemed to know what I was doing. RIGHT. Anyway we went to Balboa and walked around, let the gurls play in the sand. We shared quite a few fabulous kisses, then he took the gurls home and I met Sass at the goat. I was sooo hungry. Well long story short, after he put the gurls down for the night, he came over to see me and have a little "adult" face time...Left at 12:30. Okay yea I dig him. He is someone I could see having around a bit. But one day at a time right? I still have that whole "commitment" know meet a nice guy, screw it up. I am gonna try not to. He does have ALOT of things to iron out with his life, But that may be just what it takes. You see he is tryin to get it all inline and with the gurls we can't be up each others asses. So that gives me the space I need. Now for round two...he hasta meet the tribe...YIKES. They're a tough group.

Anyways I am running late AS USUAL. SO I gotta turn on some music, and start getting ready. I am pooped, the sun yesterday and not alot of sleep has got this gurl in a rough. I plan on coming home tonight and goin straight to snooze town, after I update of course.

Oh and I must also add that Sass and Big E aparantly went and homesteaded a Starbucks for the mojority of the day yesterday. I think thats cool. Couldn't get the 411 really from Sass..when it comes to men, of any status, she aint one for blabbin. She wouldnt tell me shit really. Thats cool, hell she went out and THATS something.

Okay well off to the showa...if I get a down min at work I may write more but I dont forsee it. LOL...I do actually WORK.




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