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8:06 p.m. - June 30, 2003
The Talk of the TWITCH
Okay so Sassy and I ate til me thought we were gonna PUKE...REGURGE...BARF...THROW UP...RALPH...WORSHIP THE PORCELAIN GOD..or whatever the word is for Yakkin.

Anyway we talked about the "twitch" and I dont know if we actually resolved anything except that we might think about being nice and not running off the puppies right at first. We may take a puppy stroll and see what happens...HOWEVER... I get bit by ANOTHER gowl darned puppy Imma gonna hafta go back to square one. Did that make any sense? I think NOT...Ya see me and Sass had a few tonight. Cool thing is that I can say that now we are AWARE of the problem and somewhat ADMIT that we have a problem. And what is it they say in those intervention and recovery programs? Admitting the problem is the first step in getting over it? Okay so there ya have it ...WE ADMIT IT...***whew***

Now I am sitting here waiting to talk online to Blue while Sass is stretched out on mah bed yakking on the phone to Big E...Makes me nuts cuz I can only hear what she is saying and I am having delusional fits of paranoia that they are talking about me. Yikes I think I need a pill...

Goddammed pissy tonight too cuz fuckin Caesar is on TNT and taking up very precious Law and Order rerun time. Fucking TV producers....

So Blue just told me he is coming over tomorrow night...YAY!!!..Okay Imma gonna go talk to him...Til manana



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